Laptop Backpacks and Bags Buying Guide

I am late getting on the laptop bandwagon, but once I crossed over it didn’t take long to realize I needed something to hold my laptop when on-the-go. I considered several options and liked the idea of having my hands free while carrying the laptop. So I wondered what is the best laptop backpack and messenger bag 2017 that are best buys and trendy that would work for many situations. I knew protection was very important, but I also wanted to know about other features I needed to consider.

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Thus, I began searching for the best laptop backpack plus other laptop bags and styles. I wanted something that would make it easy for me to carry when traveling or at any time I needed to go from one place to another.

I personally have a keen need to know what I am getting into before purchasing a product. I want to know everything I possibly can about the product beforehand to avoid a surprise. And I am a sucker for value—not necessarily the cheapest product, but the best value for the money. I also looked at expensive products and try to see if there is real long-term value in splurging in order to get the best quality bag that will last a long time.

With those thoughts in mind, I set out with an open mind to discover the best laptop backpacks and bags to buy online that would meet my requirements. I researched many different styles and features and you can see my reviews on the following pages. Belowe are some of the factors I considered important in helping me to make a decision along with tips and advice.

What To Consider When Buying A Laptop Backpack Or Bag


What are some of the things that make this backpack or bag different from others. Does it have features that make it an exceptional buy.  Is the style tailored to one sex only. Is the quality good and is it made by a reputable or well-known company. Is it geared towards a certain target like college students. Is the price reasonable for its features and quality.


Obviously protecting my laptop from damage is top on my list of what to look for. The amount of padding around the laptop and other forms of protecting it for accidental drops was the first thing I checked.  It was also important for the bag or backpack to feel comfortable. Did the backpack allow air to breathe through the material along the back which makes a difference in comfort during hot weather. And were the straps padded and comfortable and did they distribute weight evenly so as not to put a lot of strain on my back or body.


Determining the best features was fairly easy to discover but were there things I should be on the lookout for that might negate all the desirable features or are these negatives not important enough to pass on. 


Online reviews are a great way to find out what those who have bought the item actually think about it. I read through many reviews for each item on this site and also checked the star ratings they received. I feel, taken altogether, this gives an accurate assessment of the product.

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